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Sharon D. Moore (author)

All About Sharon

Sharon Denise Moore is a writer, author, actress, inadvertent comedian, and all-around dope black woman who governs her life by her laughter, prayer, and truth. She has the uncanny ability to make her readers heartily guffaw while at the same time giving them food for thought. Her experience living around the world coupled with her penchant for people-watching helps her create believable characters the reader can recognize and understand.

Sharon is the youngest child of a North Carolina born and raised, career Navy officer and an educator from Antigua, West Indies. Throughout her childhood, Sharon and her sister, Patsy, often found themselves to be the only (or one of a precious few) children of color in their schools whether they were attending public schools, Department of Defense schools or a Catholic school. Their neighborhoods usually mirrored their schools. The frequent relocation provided by military life was hard enough but incidents when they were isolated due to their skin color by whites or for sounding/acting ‘too white’ by other African American children made it the more difficult for the gregarious Sharon.

Fortunately, Sharon’s parents were education fanatics which made reading a priority in the Moore household. Reading became an escape causing the sometimes lonely Sharon to cherish her book friends like Betsy-Tacy, and Tibb [Maud Hart Lovelace], Laura Ingalls Wilder, and later, Nancy Drew [Carolyn Keene}. In the mid-seventies, sometime during her third-grade year, Sharon’s parents began to provide her with books about several prominent African American ancestors. This led to Sharon wanting to be Phyllis Wheatley. Although she wanted to be many things and emulate many people over her childhood, Sharon would later become an author like her childhood idol, Phyllis Wheatley. Ironically her first novel was published on Phyllis Wheatley’s birthday.

Not only were Sharon’s parents passionate about education but they were (and are to this day) fervent Christians. Sharon often jokes that her mother probably gave birth to them on a church pew rather than a hospital bed. She also frequently states that whenever the Moore family moved, her father found them a church before they found a place to live.  Each move allowed the Moore family to partake of diverse worship settings and styles in everything from the small, traditional, Southern Baptist church to the grandiose, non-denominational, mega-church environment. Sharon’s parents who are also both ordained ministers and elders, led by example. They have always been active in their church and encouraged their children to do the same. As a child, Sharon participated in the youth choir, served as an usher and shone brightly in the drama department. Later, as an adult, Sharon became a lead Children’s Church teacher, worked in the tape ministry, served as an usher/greeter, sang on Praise Teams, led as a choir director, was ordained a Deaconess, and was responsible for a Singles Ministry.

Sharon will be the first to tell you that her halo isn’t always on straight and her path has not always been ‘sanctified.’ “I am somewhere between Proverbs 31 and Madea," she'll admit with a wry smile. "Righteous with a splash of Ratchet."

During her college years at UNC-Greensboro, and North Carolina Central University, Sharon took what she likes to call her sabbatical from church. A risk-taker from birth Sharon embraced a lifestyle that deviated from everything she learned in her church-filled childhood. This sabbatical proved to be a strong education in life. Now freed from guilt and shame, Sharon uses those hard-learned lessons as tools to not only help other people but as the foundation of compassion for others making some of the same questionable choices. All of which comes through in her writing.

This full and diverse life made the always opinionated Sharon a natural storyteller. People often told her that she needed to write a book, but she never took the advice seriously. Eventually, Sharon began to write Opinion Editorials and articles for an online E-zine, her church bulletin/newsletter, then later a print magazine and a small local newspaper. In 2001 a reoccurring dream birthed two million words which became her Under the Shadow of the Almighty series. Fifteen years later Sharon was signed by NewSeason Books and nine months later officially became an author with the release of Hidden In Plain Sight, book one in the Under the Shadow of the Almighty Series.

"I am somewhere between Proverbs 31 and Madea," she'll admit with a wry smile. "Righteous with a splash of Ratchet." 

Author Sharon Denise Moore

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