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Listen to the writer discuss the first of her African American fiction novels with Bianca Fly. 

Original broadcast date: March 6, 2018


The Book

When Philly-born playboy, Jason White, discovers a devastating family secret about the identity of his biological father, he launches into an angry quest to find and confront the man. A lengthy investigation into his father, a prominent pastor of a large church in North Carolina, spurs a quick, covert, out-of-town visit to the pastor's church on Easter Sunday.

In Raleigh, North Carolina, there are two prominent pastors claiming to be doing the work of the Lord in the city. which of them is Jason White's biological father? 

Hidden in Plain Sight has been called a riveting, must-read garnering an average of 4.9/5 STARS on both Amazon and Goodreads. 

Hidden In Plain Sight is the first book in the Under the Shadow of the Almighty series. This fiction series centers around three families: The Whites, Stewarts, and Collins'. The series title, Under the Shadow of the Almighty, reflects two themes:

  1. Living in the shadow of the Christian 'celebrity' elite.
  2. Living under the Shadow of the Almighty God as referred to in Psalm 91.

The Author

Sharon Denise Moore is a writer, author, actress, inadvertent comedian, and all-around dope black woman who governs her life by her laughter, prayer, and truth. She has the uncanny ability to make her readers heartily guffaw while at the same time giving them food for thought. Her experience living around the world coupled with her penchant for people-watching helps her create believable characters the reader can recognize and understand.

"I am somewhere between Proverbs 31 and Madea," she'll admit with a wry smile. "Righteous with a splash of Ratchet." 

Sharon D. Moore is the youngest child of a North Carolina born and raised, career Navy officer and an educator from Antigua, West Indies. Throughout her childhood, Sharon and her sister, Patsy, often found themselves to be the only (or one of a precious few) children of color in their schools whether they were attending public schools, Department of Defense schools or a Catholic school. 

The Dream

One night mid-2001 I went to sleep and had a very unusual dream. It was equal parts disturbing and intriguing.  The following day I found myself preoccupied with what I had experienced in my sleep the night before. Imagine my surprise that night when I went to sleep and had the exact same dream again. Needless to say, I was a bit freaked out. The analytical and critical parts of my brain dissected the dream throughout the following day looking for inconsistencies. There weren't any. What are the chances a person has the exact same dream twice in a row?

Things got even stranger after that. I continued to have the same dream night after night. It was as if my brain were stuck in one gear and unable to create anything else to entertain my mind as I slept. Not only did I continue to have the same dream but I began having it multiple times a night. No kidding. If I woke up to use the restroom, I would go back to sleep afterward and either pick up where I left off or go through the dream again.

As months went by, the dream started really started showing off. Each time I had the dream, I would participate in the mental movie as a different character. Yep. The weirdness just kept on overachieving. 


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